First Assembly of God                                                 04/02/2012

  Jacksonville, Arkansas



                      Sunday School

Classes for all ages, children through adult.  Children's classes

tour the Bible completely on a 3 year cycle.

                      Royal Rangers
Designed for young men ages 3-12 the focus of Royal Rangers
is to "Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for Christ." 
Boys are taught four fundamental foundations:
Love of God, love of family, love of others and love of nature.

Our church van provides transportation for children whose

parents do not attend.

Designed for girls ages 3-12 the focus of Missionettes is to

teach and encourage girls to develop their God-given gifts and

abilities.  Our church van provides transportation for children

whose parents do not attend.

Designed for both youth and youth leaders,
National Youth Ministries offers helpful information
and resources on Bible Quiz, Speed-the-Light,
Fine Arts Festival, Ambassadors in Mission,
Youth Alive and more.

               Men's Ministries Honor Bound
This class will strengthen the faith of the men of our
church and give a deeper insight of God's Word.
It is a new way of looking at oneself as a godly man.

                 Women's Ministries Unlimited
This Prayer and Bible study fellowship builds faith in women
of all ages and provides Christian support for daily living
and personal ministry.  You will be blessed by joining.

                          Support Projects

Our Men's and Women's ministries help support the Light-for-

Lost project and our missionaries worldwide.   Our Children's

and Youth ministries help support  Speed-the-Light, Youth Alive,

Fine Arts Festival, our missionary programs and more. 

Our congregation is active in many local community programs

such as the Fishnet Ministries.   



Current time and day information for all our activities

   can be viewed on our Worship Schedule page.             



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