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     As a thirteen year old year old boy growing up in rural Arkansas, I was mischievous and by standards of that time, downright sinful.  When I was ten, I had been saved at a Missionary Baptist revival meeting in our community, but during the next three years all my old habits of sin had returned.   
     In August  1951, I overheard my Mother praying for me.  I decided I was going to live a Christian life, but didn't talk to God about it then.  Later that evening, my two brothers and I went to help my grandfather, William Lowe, Sr. haul loose hay to his barn.
After we had loaded the horse drawn wagon, I asked permission to drive the team, "Papa" consented.  As the horses crossed a ditch, I was jarred from my position on the hay, causing me to lose control of the team.  I fell, and my feet caught on the double-tree, leaving me dangling with my head banging against the rough ground as the run-away team dragged me 150 yards across the meadow.
The horses circled around and jumped the ditch again, and I was flung into the gully where I lay coughing and strangling-blood escaping from my mouth, nose, and ears.

Papa hurriedly carrie me to the house where a neighbor drove me to Greenwood.  There I was
  Raised From Death Bed
       Royce Lowe 1947


placed in an ambulance and rushed to St. Edwards Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
My condition was described as "extremely critical".  I had suffered a fractured skull and concussion.  Each day my condition deteriorated.  Private nurses were assigned to stay with me 24 hours per day.  I experienced nightmares, but it was impossible to awake from them.  I would dream of going to hell and remember the times I had turned my back on God.  I realized I had reached the age of accountability and would be punished for my sins.
Under an oxygen tent, with little other medical attention, I fought my silent, unconscious battle for life.  The Fort Smith Times Record wrote:  "Royce Lynn Lowe, who was injured August 8 by a team of bolting horses, was reported
'losing ground' Wednesday after seven days of unconsciousness".
On the night of the eighth day, the nurse counted my heart beat and recorded only 20 beats per minute, my respiration was only 7 per minute.  She told my mother, "Your son has gone so low it will be impossible for him to regain consciousness.  You should call your relatives because he is about gone".
Pastor B. Owen Oslin of the First Assembly of God in Fort Smith was called.  My family attended the Assembly of God in our community, but were strangers to Pastor Oslin.  However, he came in the middle of a stormy night to pray for me.  Years later, after I was in the ministry and preparing to publish this testimony, I contacted Pastor Oslin.  He admitted that he lacked faith that God would heal me, but he prayed a simple prayer, "Father, heal him if there is a work You want him to do.  Your will be done."  Then he turned to my parents, and believing I would not survive, he prayed that they would be able to accept God's will.
Within five minutes the nurse checked my heartbeat and found it was normal! Praise God!    I began to mend from that time.  After 23 additional days of unconsciousness, I awoke.
The next day, The Fort Smith Times-Record wrote:  "It's been a long fight and the battle is almost won, according hospital attaches, for thirteen-year-old Royce Lynn Lowe who regained consciousness about 8 a.m. Monday after thirty-two days of unconsciousness at St. Edwards Hospital.  The boy's room was a busy place at mid-morning as relatives and friends called.  Mrs. Lowe, with tears of joy streaming down her face asked the boy if he liked to go to church, as a Times-Record reporter watched.  The boy nodded his head 'yes', but did not try to speak.  'After such a long wait, it's a miracle of God to see the least bit of recognition.'  Mrs. Charner Lowe, mother of the boy said, 'I have faith that God will do the rest.'"
I spoke my first words five days later.  This was a "miracle of God", as mother had said, because the doctors had already predicted that if I did survive I would be unable to walk or talk, and would be an invalid for life.  But when God does anything, He does it right.  I was healed completely;  miraculously alive 57 years later to tell this story of God's goodness and healing power.
I was out of school for one year while recovering, but returned to Greenwood High School and graduated with honors in 1957.
Immediately after the accident, I began serving the Lord and eventually felt called of God to preach.  To that end, I continued my formal education at the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith, then completed the "Berean School of Bible."  Later, I completed my education at Southwestern Assemblies of God University.
In 1957, I received my first papers with the Assemblies of God and have been an ordained minster since 1961.  I am grateful to the many ministers, friends, and family who prayed for my healing and salvation.

                               Ministry Summary
Pastor       Assembly of God    Blue Mountain, Arkansas    1958-1960
Ordained in Hot Springs, Arkansas      September 1961
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
         Graduated 1964,  B.S. in Bible and Theology
Full-Time Evangelist       1964-1966
Pastor  First Assembly of God   Helena, Arkansas    1966-1972
Pastor   First Assembly of God   Jacksonville, Arkansas
                      1972  -  present


Rev. Lowe continues in full-time ministry as Pastor of the First Assembly of God in Jacksonville, Arkansas where he resides with his wife Linda (Skaggs).  God has blessed them with three daughters, six grandsons, one granddaughter, and one great-grandson.
    Rev. Royce Lowe 2010
First Assembly of God                                                 04/02/2012

  Jacksonville, Arkansas

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